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10 Best Subwoofer Under 200 – Reviews and Guideline 2020

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Looking for the best subwoofer under 200? This is the right place for you. It’s true that adding a sub to your existing sound system adds more life to it—more bass, richer sound—for a truly immersive listening experience. However, choosing a sub which meets your sound quality expectations and budget needs at the same time is hard. Luckily, we’ve […]

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10 Best Subwoofer Cable Reviews 2020 – Newbie Guideline


If you have invested in a top-quality subwoofer and receiver, you should also consider going for an equally high-quality cable. A good subwoofer cable will let you connect the subwoofer speaker easily to compatible audio devices at home. With the best subwoofer cable, you can be confident of having superior sound quality. That is why, you […]

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Best 6.5 Component Speakers For The Money – Reviews of 2020


Your standard car speakers, whether factory-installed or aftermarket, are nothing compared to component speakers. The latter are engineered for optimal sound quality. They come with the tweeters and woofers separated such that each driver can work independently. And the combined result is a high-quality sound that ushers you into a concert-like listening experience. Now, finding the best 6.5 […]

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